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Can your journals help with my mental health condition?

Many independent studies discuss the benefits of journaling for a number of mental health conditions. However, as with any health condition, we always recommend speaking with a medical professional and journaling as part of a broader self-care and su

I'm struggling and I need to talk to someone, what should I do?

Please know you're not alone. There are lots of places you can go for support, and you've already taken that important first step. The following organisations offer advice and immediate help if you're worried you can't keep yourself safe. United King

Can I use your products to track my moods?

Absolutely! Tracking your mood over time is a great way to see patterns in how you feel and make decisions that support your well-being. The MindJournal, MindJournal Pro and Check-In Notepad contain our signature feelings checklist, which allows you

How often should I use my MindJournal?

That’s a good question. And the short answer is: it’s entirely up to you. How frequently you journal should always come down to what’s manageable for you. We recommend experimenting with different times of the day as this will help you to get into a