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How long do your products take to complete?Updated a year ago

MindJournal & MindJournal Pro
So, this depends on how often you use your MindJournal. We have guys that journal every day to others who might do it once a month. The good thing is that the MindJournal and MindJournal Pro are undated and designed to fit your routine. So take some time with it and find what works for you. But to give you an idea: if you journaled five times a week (on average), it would take you around three months to finish. 

Balance Planner

The Balance Planner, much like our other products, is undated and is designed for 90 days of use. It contains 3 Month View pages, 12 Week View pages and 90 Day View pages. 

Check-In Notepad 

The Check-In Notepad is also undated and contains 60 sheets. So if you use it five days a week, it would also take around three months to complete. 

Weekly Workout Planner

The Weekly Wellness Planner is undated and contains 52 sheets, each with space for seven days of use, so it should last 52 weeks. 

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